Chapter 5: Lucid, I’m home

“Silas…wake up,” whispered Olivia forcefully, “hey…you alright there?”

“Ma?” Silas said as his eyes focused on her, “are you back?”

“Just got home…and we found you lying on the floor gripping the console, i was a little worried at first,” his mom insisted, “You haven’t been sneaking into those Theta level feeds have you?”

“No mom, geez, I was just sleeping….er..dreaming actually.” He shook his head and wiped the drool off his cheek.

“Today’s feeds were especially stimulating, Dad and I experienced some life-changing things?” Olivia began eagerly as she began to walk across to close the window blinds.

“How about real life for a change,” Silas muttered seemingly out of earshot.

“Oh gosh, you are so self-righteous at such a young age,” fired Olivia as she spun around now walking towards him. Silas started to straighten up on the couch realizing that she had heard him.

Olivia went on, “you know DarkStar feeds are known to be the most advanced technological breakthrough of this century. They have helped people cope with their anxieties, lessen crime, raise our awareness of the environment, aid in our relationships with each other. And with these amazing organic chem-feeds we learned about tonig..”

“Mom, please, you don’t have to lecture me on 21st century VR…I mean talk about self-righteous,” Silas stammered as he gave her a half-disgusted look.

“I was just trying to make a point,” she said apologetically, “the Zenith council really wants us to stop spreading negativity and be grateful for the advances of our society.”

“Let me tell you ’bout this dream though…it was really crazy,” he paused to make sure she was listening and continued, “everything was dark, and i was on a platform high above everything…and I saw Zenith….but I was seeing it from the outside.”

“From the outside?” said Silas’ mother surprised, “Wow..that must have been a dream…you know that anyone who lives outside Zenith, if you can call it living at all, are nothing but drug addicts and criminals. You step one foot outside of Zenith and…well, I’d rather you not think about it at all.”

“Yeah, but I swear it was like I was really there, I mean not like the way a feed feels, it’s hard to explain,” Silas said as he looked off in the distance searching his recollections, “I can still see the lights hovering above the clouds, I mean it was WAY better than a feed,” he said distantly, a visible smirk forming, “it was….real.”

Olivia looked over at Silas with a mother’s concern, as he stared off into the distance, trying to recollect more details from the dream that was.

“Well, thank God it was just a dream, don’t let your father hear anything about this, you know how he’d react,” she said, the last part trailing off into the background as she hurried to her bedroom. She took one look his way and turned off the lights in the main room.

Was it real? He thought to himself. There was something inside of him that was looking for a way out of the disconnection he had been feeling lately, and for a moment, in his dream he had felt like he was experience something truly unique. The feeds had always appeased his senses in ways that were transient and fleeting, but the palpable nature of what he had seen, the smell of the air, everything seemed alive.

CS #33.

That was the name of the feed. Silas looked down at the console he was still clutching in his arms. The screen was blank. He scrolled through the recent feed queue and there was no record of it. Did he dream that as well?

He stared at the console for the next hour robotically searching through hundreds of feeds. He fell asleep to the light sound of rain tapping against the roof, and thunder off in the distance.


~ by artofpeace on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “Chapter 5: Lucid, I’m home”

  1. this world you draw scares me. what they say about you is correct, sir. artist is you.

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