Chapter 4: Stasis

A cat-like black figure hoisted itself off the edge of transmission tower three and deftly rappelled down the north side of the antenna as the rain began to fall. This was always Magus’ favorite part. Despite their maliciousness, the sentries were a clunky bunch and a swift descent was all that was needed to avoid them. He had accomplished his mission, and it had for the most part gone smoothly, although a small wrinkle in his plans had kept him wondering.

In order to ready the data for transmission, Magus had to be hooked into stasis, a data rich VR mode that allowed him to route the payload to the proper data ports. Usually routine, the tricky thing with stasis was that your virtual profile became accessible to all users on the network. It was a little dangerous, but due to the sheer number of feeds on the grid, unlikely to be detected. As he was putting the finishing touches on his current upload, Magus was startled by a pleasant female voice and the appeareance of a three dimensional dodecahedron that pulsated with a soft orange glow.

> CS #33 your profile has been accessed

“Fuck,” Magus said shocked, “What the hell?”

This was very disconcerting. He had heard from other scribes that being accessed while in stasis was a fairly rare occurrence because most administrators had the ability to create a protective network bloc that disguised their profile. He didn’t have such privileges since he was on their network illegaly. No other scribe had been accessed before, so he was treading on some fairly new territory. What it meant, no one really knew. 21st century VR was still filled with some strange curve balls that many theorists were still battling with.

He touched the orange polygon and everything turned white. A fairly large room opened in front of him and he found himself in a seated position. The floor was lined with impeccable white marble, and the furniture was both modern, sleek and amazingly clean. Not being accustomed to hooking into feeds in the Old City, it took a moment for him to get his bearings. He looked down at his hands and they were gripping a black console that read,

>CS #33 is now in progress

He had a strange sense that he was being watched and despite his extensive training, he began to panic a little. He quickly hunted for the ‘stop feed’ button on the console and found himself back in stasis. The orange shape had disappeared. Relief.  Shaking off the feeling that he had somehow been detected, he tried to regain his focus. He finished up his final commands and sent the payload to the staging area and logged out.

After cutting back over the fence, Magus pulled his chopper from its cover and headed back into the night. His mind was racing. For now, the answers would have to wait. He knew someone who might be able to provide some clarity, but that was for later…the payload was up, and he had to notify his crew of scribes that the mission was underway.


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