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Much of the underclass stayed out of the streets when the brown sky turned to black, since crime had run rampant in the city. With much of the resources being funneled to Zenith, the inhabitants of the Flatland did whatever they could to survive. Years ago, many of the underclass provided much need maintenance and service work for the Zenith sector, but those jobs had been supplanted by machines. The underclass were left to fend for themselves, and that made the old city very angry…

———————>> THE UNDENIABLES SESSION IV [7.01.08]

Chapter 1: Getting Up

Chapter 2: Tower Three

Chapter 3: Something Different

Chapter 4: Stasis

Chapter 5: Lucid, I’m home

Chapter 6: Wild Style

Chapter 7: Ants

Chapter 8: Jojo and Isis

Chapter 9: Memory Lane

———————>> THE UNDENIABLES SESSION V [8.01.08]

Chapter 10: The Scribes